Why Are Menthol Cigarettes Considered Harmful And Is It True?

smokeless tobacco alternativesSmoking cigarettes isn’t healthy whatever the type, quality, or brand of cigarette – but menthol can be a whole lot worse. An American advisory committee is now going through the unique health threats of menthol smokes and can lobby for a menthol cigarette prohibition. Are menthol smokes even worse than standard ones when it comes to the health effects of smokes?

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1972 Illustrated Ad, Parliament Cigarettes

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smokeless tobacco alternatives

“Their cigarette holder. Yours. It works like cigarette holder works.”

Published in Life magazine, Dec 15, 1972 – Vol. 73, No. 24

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What’s In A Marlboro Cigarette?

smokeless tobacco alternativesA Marlboro cigarette is made up of many mystery “artificial flavors” but there are many known ingredients as well. Of course we know we’re smoking tobacco, but what else are we inhaling? The following is an ingredient list as well as some info on just what these ingredients are.  For an alternative, check out the VaporZone electronic cigarette – I am fast becoming an advocate of electronic cigarette smoking after I have seen how nasty a tobacco product really is.

Let’s not be confused, just because an ingredient is safe to be eaten, doesn’t mean that it should be inhaled in smoke form, but here’s a list of the safer side on a Marlboro’s contents:

Water, sugar, licorice extract, cocoa, and carob bean.

Philip Morris wants you to see these tasty treats on their list in hopes that you will be not only surprised but find a sense of relief as well. Are these contents crucial to the flavor and smoothness of that Marlboro cigarette? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never lit up and inhaled with the wonderful sweet taste of cupcakes in my mouth. Let’s take a look at what just might be drowning out the taste of the cocoa products.

Diammonium Phosphate: Other uses – fertilizer, fire retardant, precipitation control in dyed wools, flux for soldering tin. Diammonium phosphate is added to a cigarette as a “nicotine enhancer”. Mmmm…sounds tasty!  Rather check out an electronic cigarette brand and save the waste from coming into my body!

Propylene Glycol - A toxin that is a form of mineral oil. A controversial ingredient supposedly safe is small doses. propylene glycol is a clear liquid used in antifreeze and de-icing solutions.

Glycerol – Used to improve moisture holding characteristics of tobacco.

Ammonium Hydroxide – A solution of ammonia in water. Used in household cleaning agents and furniture stain. Ammonia is used to speed up the delivery of nicotine. It freebases the nicotine in the same way as crack cocaine.